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Cracks in the buildings are divided into such groups as static and dynamic cracks, cracks in supporting structures and cracks in non-supporting structures, dry and wet cracks, micro cracks in plasters and settlement cracks. 

Especially the cracks through which water flows cause corrosion and damage the construction during frost. In drinking water tanks only suitable injection resins should be used. 

KÖSTER delivers a full range of injection resins (epoxy-polyurethane and acrylic), injection ports and machinery to fullfil even the most complicated crack injection job.  

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Waterproofing of wet cracks or flowing water:

KÖSTER KB-Pur IN 7 elastic polyurethane injection resin is used for waterproofing of cold joints, wet cracks or cracks with water leakage.

IN 7 is injected into cracks under high pressure thru a injection port. At the moment of contact with water, KÖSTER N 7 expands quickly to form a waterstopping foam and seals the crack. 

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Waterproofing of cold joints:

Cold joints form between two concrete surfaces applied at different times. Since concrete layers do not stick to each other, water leakages may occur thru the gaps that form. This situation is especially seen in foundation-curtain junction points, swimming pools, water tanks and curtain wall levels that are poured intermittently. We can also consider cold joints as cracks.

KÖSTER KB-Pur IN 7 and KÖSTER KB-Pur GEL products are preferred in this type of applications. 

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Structural reinforcement applications: 

KÖSTER KB-Pox IN epoxy resin or KÖSTER KB-Pur IN 3 rigid polyurethane resin products are used in repairing dry cracks that need structural reinforcement.

These products fill the cracks in the concrete and the repaired crack results stronger than the concrete itself. 

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Waterproofing of cold joints with hose grouting:

If a cold joint can be foreseen before the pouring of the concrete a special hose is placed (e.g between the foundation concrete and curtain wall).

If water leakage occurs in the future, grouting is done into this hose with KÖSTER KB-Pur IN 5 resin and water leakages can be stopped immediately. It is a precautionary preventive application.