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KÖSTER: Construction chemicals and waterproofing experience of more than 35 Years 

German producer KÖSTER Bauchemie AG has 35 years of experience in construction chemicals and waterproofing products and systems. These systems continue to protect many old and new constructions all around the world.

KÖSTER Bauchemie AG provides the most convenient solutions for you with its wide and solution-oriented product spectrum whether your application is restoration of an old building, waterproofing of a new building, wet area, terrace or basement insulation or dilatation. Its broad product range includes many different product groups such as construction chemicals, waterproofing and insulation products, epoxy floorings, industrial floor hardener and stamped concrete floor systems, terrace insulation and wet area water insulation products, external thermal insulation (ETICS) systems, concrete admixtures and repair mortars, mould and moisture insulation products, polyurethane mastic and polysulfide joint fillers, dilatation tapes, anchorage mortars, epoxy mortars, and injection resins.

Worldwide effective waterproofing solutions:

KÖSTER Bauchemie AG exports its construction chemicals and waterproofing products to many countries around the world. It has established its sale and distribution network in its production centre in Germany, Aurich as well as China, Korea, India, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Bulgaria, Austria, the United States and many other countries.

Environment-friendly and high-quality waterproofing products:

KÖSTER Bauchemie AG takes care to use environment-friendly raw materials at every stage of production as a responsible producer.

Quality certificates of our construction chemicals, insulation, waterproofing, floorings and other products are acquired from independent technical laboratories.

Your reliable partner in construction:

There are many factors to take into consideration in a successful waterproofing application.

KÖSTER Bauchemie AG is always a reliable partner in the construction sector that is on the consumers’ side with accurate analysis, high quality product and on-site application.

KÖSTER Bauchemie AG in Turkey:

KÖSTER Bauchemie AG is a company of KÖSTER Bauchemie AG, Germany.

KÖSTER Bauchemie AGwhich started its operations in Turkey in 1994, enlarges its place in insulation, waterproofing and construction chemicals day by day. KÖSTER, which provides service with over 100 seller and implementer dealers, produces KÖSTER products in its modern production facilities situated on a closed area of 10.000 m2 within GEBKİM Kimya İhtisas Organized Industrial Zone in Kocaeli.

Our operations in Turkey are carried out through a total of 9 regional representatives in Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Antalya, Trabzon, Adana, İzmit, and Thrace with İstanbul being the centre.

Our major product groups are as follows:

• Cement Based Waterproofing Products
• Bitumen–Rubber Based Waterproofing Products
• Balcony and Terrace Waterproofing Products
• Waterproofing Products for Wet Areas
• External Thermal Insulation (ETICS) Systems

• External Waterproofing Products
• Repair Mortars
• Concrete Admixtures
• Ready-Mixed Mortars, Epoxy-Based Mortars and Adhesives
• Epoxy Floor Coatings
• Industrial Floorings and Stamped Concrete Flooring
• Polysulfide and Polyurethane-Based Mastics
• Dilatation Tapes
• Building Reinforcement Products, Epoxy Injection Resins
• Anchorage Mortars
• Polyurethane-Based Injection Resins and Fixing Anchors
• MOuld and Moisture Insulation Products,
• Application Tools, Accessories

KÖSTER Bauchemie AG, which has become one of the leading companies in construction chemicals sector with its waterproofing products that offer innovative and exact solutions and effective technical support, aims to increase and sustain its investments in the future as well.