Waterproofing Systems Construction Chemicals

PU Injection Foam for Water-Bearing Cracks and Joints

KÖSTER KB-Pur IN 7 is a single component polyurethane prepolymer used with 10% catalyst. The product reacts only when coming into contact with water and forms spontaneously a compact, viscoplastic, waterproof polyurethane foam.

KÖSTER KB-Pur IN 7 remains viscoplastic after reacting and is thus able to follow crack movements and to seal permanently without the necessity of subsequent injections with an elastic polyurethane massive resin.

KÖSTER KB-Pur IN 7 is solvent-free and resistant to hydrolysis.


Consumption: 0,10 kg/lt (apr. 0,2 - 0,5 kg/mt of crack)

Packaging: 5,5 kg SET and 22 kg SET