Waterproofing Systems Construction Chemicals

Water Activated Polyurethane Gel for Curtain and Area Injections as Well as for Sealing of Expansion Joints

KÖSTER KB-Pur® Gel is a solvent-free, water activated polyurethane gel. Depending on the amount of water added, a highly elastic, waterproof, mass or respectively foam hydro-gel is formed. 

After it has reacted in dilutions up to 1:10, it is resistant to pressurised water. It does not contain free isocyanides and is chemically stable after reacting. 

It does not contribute to corrosion and does not emit groundwater polluting substances. It has been tested according to KTW-recommendations.


Consumption: app. 1kg/lt (according to the size of the dilation)

Packaging: 2,5 kg tin