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Insulation Plaster for Moisture Wall

KÖSTER Sanierputz WTA (Restoration Plaster) complies with all requirements acc. to DIN 18550 and with all  requirements of the WTA-guidelines 2-2-91 about restoration plasters. In our factory prefabricated porous hydrophobe plaster with good application properties. Due to its hydrophobe properties, the plaster does not absorb liquid water. The high porosity, caused by micropores, and the connected high diffusion figures (breathing activity) of the damp as vapour make a fast drying of damp walls possible. The porosity causes furthermore an increased thermal insulation. The low raw specific gravity prevents, even during high air moisture, mould does not find breeding ground, it prevents mouldy spots. The production in our plant guarantees always stable quality. 

Consumption: 12,0 kg/m2 (for every cm thickness)

Packaging: 25 kg bag