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Insulation Plaster for Moisture Wall

KÖSTER Sanierputz WTA restoration plaster for restoration of strong moisture and salt burdened substrates. Due to its high porosity and hydrophobicity, KÖSTER Sanierputz WTA allows for the damage free drying and desalting of masonry even in case of high salt contents. It prevents the formation of condensate and improves the heat insulation. KÖSTER Sanierputz WTA is free of light fillers and this necessitates no further surface treatment prior to the application of paints or wallpapers which are open to vapor diffusion.

It has water repellent properties. Salts remaining in the wall are absorbed by the KÖSTER Sanierputz WTA preventing salt effloresce and damage to the plaster or paint.

Consumption: 12,0 kg/m2 (for every cm thickness)

Packaging: 25 kg bag