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Waterproofing Against Capillary Moisture On The Walls

KÖSTER Crisin 76 is a sealing system against rising or creeping dampness especially seen in basements, ground floors and columns. This dampness usually can be seen in the lower 50-60 cm of the walls and columns as salt efflorescence and damaged paint plaster, algae and mold formation. KÖSTER Crisin 76 forms a horizontal barrier inside of the wall column and immediately stops the rising damp.

Rising damp causes damage to masonry walls.

Over time rising damp in combination with salt contamination and/or frost can destroy masonry structurally. Taking into account the decrease of the remaining lifespans of such buildings, rising damp causes high financial damage every year.

Construction material becomes brittle and starts to fall off.

When the salt containing water evaporates in the surface area of the wall, the salt remains in the wall or on its surface, leading to an increase of the salt concentration. The salt then crystallizes on the surface or in the pores of the building material.

It can occur both inside and outside the building.

The effects of damp rising by capillary action are not only a problem seen inside or outside the building, it can be effective inside or outside or in both directions and cause destruction.

Paint blistering and plaster flaking are common.

Although paint blistering and plaster flaking is not the problem itself, but a common consequence, it is not an acceptable result and spoils the decorative appearance of the building or room. KÖSTER Crisin 76 is a patented system that provides a permanent solution to the above-mentioned problems and eliminates the source of the problem.


Consumption: 1,0 - 2,0 lt/mt (depending on wall thickness and construction element)

Packaging:  200ml bottle (12 pcs/ctn) 

Crisin 76 Application Video (Click Here)