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Elastic and Crack - Bridging Façade Paint

Elastic, solvent free and pasty synthetic coating for dry and slightly damp surfaces. 

The coating dries very fast and creates a foily, highly flexible, water vapur permeable but water tight coating. KÖSTER Wandflex is resistant against UV-rays, stres causedby frost / thawing salts, ageing, as well as many agressive substances. Has a carbonisation braking effect on reinforced concrete and is hardly flammable. 

Due to a special net forming, reating on day light system, it creates a non-sticky surface. Thus it creates an effective protection against dirt. 

It has CE certificate in EN 1504-2 standard.

Consumption: 0,80 kg/m2 (2 layers)

Packaging: 25 kg pail

Color: 66 colors