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Liquid Waterproofing Admixture

Liquid waterproofing admixture acc. to DIN 18 550. KÖSTER M.D.F is a chloride free, light coloured mortar sealing agent for cement and lime/cement mortars. It causes a chemical reaction with the cement and reacts with the alkaline part of the cement (dry hydrate) by forming a salt of a fatty acid thus resulting in a sealing lime substance. It reduces the water absorption and the capillary absorbency considerably. It plasticizes the mortar, prevents sedimentation and makes the application easier. It is further hydrophobic and liquifying. It does not affect the color of light coloured and pigmented mortars.

CE certificate in EN 934-2 standard.


Consumption: %2 - 3 of cement

Packaging: 5 kg and 30 kg jerrycan