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ECB Based Waterstop Tape

KÖSTER T-Profile-1202 profiles are manufactured from a special mix of ECB and HDPE using a high pressure extrusion process.

The ripped side of the profile is cast together with the concrete and after the concrete cures it forms a very strong and waterproof bond with the concrete. The smooth side of the profile is welded to the synthetic membranes based on ;

  • HDPE
  • HPE Mod.
  • ECB
  • TPO


KÖSTER T-Profile-1202 is resistant to agressive underground water and microorganisms in the soil. It does not rot and is resistant to roots.

KÖSTER T-Profile-1202 is very elastic and resistant to low temperatures down to -500C.

The profile has very high crack-bridging capacity. 


Dimensions and Packaging: 25mt size x 12cm width roll (thickness 4mm)

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