Waterproofing Systems Construction Chemicals

Elastomeric Resin Based, UV Resistant Liquid Membrane

Elastic, pasty, solvent free synthetic coating for dry and slightly damp surfaces. 

The coating dries very fast, has a foil like structure, is highly flexible, is watertight and permeable to vapour. 

It is resistant against ageing, UV rays, frost, exposure to de-icing salt and many other aggressive components. Hardly flammable. 

Due to its fair colour it reflects up to 75 % of insulation. 

KÖSTER Dachflex is free of plastizicers and is self polymerising. A special polymerisation system reacting to daylight creates a non-adhesive surface. This results in an effective protection against soiling. 

Applicable very easily with uncomplicated means on flat or heavily inclined areas as well as on links to vertical building units. The roof inclination must have an inclination of at least 5 %.  The roof inclination must have an inclination for drainage. One should avoid puddles and extra ballast. 

It has CE certificate in EN 1504-2 standard.

Consumption: 1,50 - 2,50 kg/m2 (2 layers)

Packaging: 5 kg pail / 25 kg pail